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"This is just a short note to thank you so very much for sharing what came through for you from my Dad and relatives and the guides and also for sending me the notes so generously which I have given to my mum to read for strength and comfort.
I deeply appreciate you and your amazing gift and your willingness to share it, I think you are incredible at it and the world would benefit hugely from your gifts!
My mum is being supported and bolstered by the knowledge that there is help and wisdom for her in the spirit world and that my Dad is close by. Thank you so much for being a part in this. Lots of love, H."
“Zsuzsanna, You have blown me away! I can't thank you enough for your insightful guidance. You are one of the best! Thank you so much, E."
"I didn't realise how accurate her readings was at first as it seemed so improbable I was having issues with my business - but at the same time it was evident that she saw specific moments of my life that she described with an impressive accuracy. A powerful reading by a gentle and gifted medium.
Highly recommend. V."
"My reading from you was absolutely amazing, so correct. As I've been taking your advice on, things and improvements are slowly happening. Bless you. x  S."
"Zsuzsanna is very gifted and I was blown away by the whole experience. She connected with me straight away and told me a lot about myself and gave amazing guidance. She is a warm and bubbly person which makes it easy to open up to her. She is a true blessing. Thank you. T."   
"You helped me a lot with my unresolved thoughts! It's and honour to talk to you. Talking with you was my best birthday gift ever. Again, thank you very much for helping me be healed.  J."
"Your reading was concise, clear. I really appreciate how you take your time and energy to be able to relate to me. This is a crucial time in my life but you allowed me to have a peace of mind which is a great deal of help. That is priceless and I can't thank you enough. V"
"Zsuzsanna connects wonderfully with great ease and delivers in a way that left me surprised at the details of events and messages I received. Zsuzsanna is very tuned in - I loved our session.
Thank you. T."
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