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Natural Healing / Reiki
We all need from time to time some boost of energy, support and healing, be it in the form of healing and uplifting messages from Spirit or from actual energy healing.

Reiki healing works on all levels of the mind, body and spirit, depending on the needs of each individual.

Zsuzsanna's journey with energy work began at an early age, although at that time she was not able to explain the energy she always felt around herself as a child.
Her curiosity, the sudden death of her mother at the age of 21 and her wish to find higher purposes to life soon led her to be initiated into Usui Reiki practice (Level 1 & 2). "With my 3rd eye 'opening' on the first day of my reiki journey, I was immediately presented with new visions which then quickly contributed to the rapid development of my psychic skills from the following years onwards."

Zsuzsanna has since gained her Usui Reiki Master & Teacher qualification and her Level 1 Quantum Touch Certified practitioner certification. She also studied with the Healing Trust and with various prestigious bodies and leaders of the field in UK, offering reiki healing and workshops on energy work.
By profession, she is a teacher (with QTS), a musician, a music teacher with Kodály specialism, a piano teacher, a conductor and an accompanist. She is also an HCPC Registered Music Therapist who gained her
MA at the University of the West of England in 2009 under the guidance of Prof. Leslie Bunt. Her MA dissertation was written on the effect of music therapy on patients with stroke and acquired brain injuries. 

Zsuzsanna is also a confident BSL Level 1 signer who has experience in working with deaf and hearing impaired individuals. She is able to combine her signing skills during her sessions with clients.

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