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Podcast - 'Let's Talk Spirit!'

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'Zsuzsanna Medium Show'
on the Ask1Radio Network (2020-2022)


Live readings, guest interviews, spiritual teachings and wisdom.

A live weekly show presented on the Ask1Radio Network ( Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV.

Tuesdays: 3.30pm EST /8.30pm GMT
Wednesdays: 7.30am AEST.

To listen to all previous shows, please visit and search for 'Zsuzsanna Medium Show'.

To listen to the shows as podcasts, please visit: 
'Soulful Spirit Talks' with Zsuzsanna Medium' 

on Pulse Talk Radio

Spiritual talk show series from 18 April 2022. 
Mondays 1-2pm EST/6-7pm GMT.

Interviews, talks, readings, music. 
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