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Psychic Mediumship

Zsuzsanna is passionate about sharing her gift to help you make the necessary shift in your life and to bring closure and healing to you and your loved ones.

She recalls watching her mum fully coming to life while giving readings to people in their home - she extremely treasures still owning her mum's old cards. Both of Zsuzsanna's grandmothers were also known to have healing abilities and used herbs to cure people in need.

Zsuzsanna's gift developed naturally over the years while growing up in her native Hungary, so when moving
to the UK in the mid 1990's and spending many years actively teaching music in central London, she began to sit in psychic and mediumship development classes and circles at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies
in London from 2014, where her interest in trance mediumship also led to studying with Elizabeth Rogers trance medium for two years. This experience allowed Zsuzsanna's link with Spirit to deepen even further.

She has attended many courses, workshops, classes and circles ever since to further develop her mediumistic ability, for instance studying with Tony Stockwell and John Holland. 

Zsuzsanna's close friends say that she is a 'natural, raw talent' in the field.
Or as she says, "I just trust".

As a psychic, she uses all her senses (e.g. clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance etc) to fine tune into your energy field to help you understand patterns and events from your past, present and potential future and to empower you powerfully being in charge of your life.

As a medium, she works with her guides to receive healing messages from your loved ones from the Spirit world who are always close by and eager to assist you on your journey.

Zsuzsanna is extremely passionate about her work which also includes channelling information and guidance from higher dimensions which material is currently compiled in the 'Spirit says...'. series of inspired texts.
(as in July 2020)

For your session she suggests the following:
* You are welcome to bring an old photo or an object related to you/a loved one.
* You are welcome to ask questions.
* Aim at being as relaxed as you can.
* Before your session, recall loving and happy memories of your loved ones from whom you may wish to receive messages and guidance.
* Come with an open mind and heart.

Her readings can be booked for individuals and/or small parties. She also enjoys working with small groups, giving insightful and clear messages via Zoom.

We require a 24-hour notice of cancellation notice.
Please remember: You are 100% responsible for all your life decisions.

Readings are conducted in person or via Skype/Zoom/phone.

Psychic Development Workshops and ongoing intuitive development classes are also available -
see 'Book Online' or email to for further information.

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