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Be alive just for today!

What can be greater and even more important than following your #TrueVision, #YourCalling?

Have you ever wondered why you have been waiting for that something special to finally happen in #yourlife or that someone special to walk into your life and tell you, yes, you are wonderful, talented, you are worthy to be #yourself.

If so, are you still waiting and hesitating? What is holding you back? How would your life be different tomorrow if today you take that first step on the path of finally following your true vision, your very own calling?

Just be with this thought for a moment, close your eyes, feel into it. Does it make you feel uncomfortable and challenged beyond your perceived limits? Or it inspires you, makes you feel curious so that you actually decide that yes, I am now willing to take myself on with an #openheart and an #openmind.

Just because #Ican.

Just because #Itrust.

Just because #Iknow.

Enjoy that scrumptious, wonderfully invigorating and soul-enriching experience what you call #yourlife.

#Bealive just for #today!

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